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The History Bluff has a clue in the title of the site: it's all made up! The tagline is "Making a mess of history." Here's a sample story:
Few heroes are as legendary as crossbowman William Tell of Switzerland who is said to have shot an apple off of his son’s head. The History Bluff tells the forgotten tale of William Tell and his other son on that fateful day.

In 1307 William Tell disrespected Hermann Gessler, the ruler of Tell’s province, by refusing to bow to him. As punishment Gessler arrested Tell and his two boys, Walter and Adam, and placed an apple on each of the boys’ heads; Gessler then told William Tell to shoot the apples.

Tell first took aim at the apple on Walter’s head, released, and breathed a sigh of relief when the bolt from his crossbow sliced the apple right through the middle. Confidently, the crossbowman took aim and shot at the apple on Adam’s head, but watched in horror as the bolt fatally struck his son in the larynx, which as a tribute, is now known as Adam’s Apple.

Adam was fatally struck in the larynx, ending all hope of a music career and/or life.

William Tell and his son Walter were later released from custody, but William could not get over the death of Adam. Many years later in 1354 a villager saw Tell jump into a lake with two large stones tied to his left ankle. Tell’s body was found two days later.

Read more preposterous stories you can easily pass along to unwitting friends. Link -Thanks, Dave Newell!

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I know what you are saying, KindleWindle, and if someone is stupid enough not to look into something before they accept it as fact, then yeah, it's their fault, but it still doesn't sit right with me to have fake versions of history out there.
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KindleWindle... I'm going to echo ted's question here, but also add this:

In the context that your teacher used the site, it's not all that bad, but putting stuff like that on the internet, where people have the attention span of fruit flies, don't read everything in an effort to get to the good stuff, then it's a bit dodgy and will mislead a lot of people. That's the problem I have with it, aside from the reasons I mentioned in my first comment.

And The History Channel is not the end all. Most real history is more fascinating than the majority of the fiction you get out there if you take the time to read up on it.
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KindleWindle, are you saying your only two sources of history would be the History Channel or this web site?

I guess we are doomed.
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I kind of agree with Justin. Not only is history badly ignored in both US and UK schools, but it gets revised by PC idiots constantly. While it's all very amusing, it sort of isn't.
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