Different Outfits Every Day of the Year

Maria of fashion and design blog Stickers and Donuts has just completed her year-long project of wearing a different outfit every day of the year. Here's the photographic proof:

... sometime early last year, I started taking pictures of my outfits everyday. There was a bit of a hubbub at work, at the time, about how many bright colors I wore and how ridiculous I sometimes looked. We had no dress code at work, so I took advantage of it. I crave a bit of creativity in every day, and getting dressed in fun outfits is one way I got it (until I started S&D). Anyway, I started taking the pictures just so I could see what people were talking about. And yes, as you might have noticed, I win some and lose some as far as fashion is concerned.

Link - via Limited Fun

I can only imagine Steve Jobs doing this: it's black turtleneck and jeans every friggin' day!

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ok i dont understand theres only 8 pistures and theres 365 days in a year now call me blond but dont u need to show everyday of the year for this to be proof ov ur whole wearing a differnt outfit everyday of the year. o shit i dropped mi tea hang on. ok theres spageti on the floor(i no i spelt it wrong but its a difficulyt word) ok now what was i talking about o yer. ok ive made mi point cyas
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why the hell can't she stand up straight? she like leans over to the left or right in every pic! disgusting posture, and horrid fashion sense.
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Just to add, gtron, this post was not even about your little activist issues or hatred for fat people. It was about an experiment, so you just commented in order to be a preacher.

For someone that rails on about people buying things made in China, you sure sound like the type of person that would do well in a Communist society, and that's another thing I find distasteful, but this is neither the time nor the place for that discussion.
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gtron... do you know her? If she made the money, she has the right to spend it as she sees fit. It's her money.

Fat people are fat for one of two reasons: 1. They can't help it due to a health issue, or 2. They eat too much. Neither issue is anyone's business but the fat person's. No one has the right to be food police. And again, if a person spends their hard earned money to over eat, it's their body and their health, not yours.

The financial issues of other people are also not your business. You don't know if she lives beyond her means and the assumption that she does shows a pretty sad, judgmental attitude.

If the change means being a bitter, judgmental, holier than thow crusader that assumes a lot about people that they don't know, I certainly want no part of it. Get a grip, mind your own life, and leave others to theirs. You aren't going to change anyone's mind with that nasty attitude you have toward everyone that doesn't live as you do.
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