High Voltage Cable Inspection

"There's only three things I've ever been afraid of: electricity, heights, and women." - Thanks özi!

It's a fascinating excerpt from the IMAX movie Straight Up: Helicopters in Action

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I will go see the IMAX film now because of this clip, so if the producers really want to bitch about copyright, remember this illegal clip got you at least $12 bucks.

As for using ladders, have you ever seen what happens when a guy working from a bucket truck loses his isolation from the ground? It's a body deep-fry. The only way to do this type of maintenance efficently is via chopper. The lines are too powerful, too high up, and too remote to be done from the ground. It would cost at least twice as much to do the same operation from the ground. The cost is not as much as you might think. They lease the helicopter and train their own technician. The only non-fixed costs are fuel.
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Dan, this 3 min clip out of a 30-60 minute movie does nothing but enhance it's value by providing advertisement for it. Most that see this will be seeing it for the first time and will now want to see the whole movie that previously was unknown. I would hardly call this "stealing" it and I am pretty rigid with copyright infringement as well. The laws just haven't caught up with the digital age yet. If it was a lot more of the movie, then I would have an issue.
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