Salad Bowl Speakers

I love IKEA. It's one of my major complaints about Des Moines. If we had an IKEA, a Trader Joe's and an H&M, I'd be totally content here.

Anyway, there's something about the cheap but cool stuff at IKEA that inspires people to hack it and create something completely different than its intended purpose. I suppose because the stuff is so cheap, you don't feel bad if your experiment goes wrong. That's where IKEA Hacker comes in.

One IKEA Hacker reader turned these mere salad bowls into wooden speakers, and I think the result is quite pretty.

Link via Not Martha

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That reminds me, Stacy - I talked to the friend who had first told me we might be getting Trader Joe's in the Drake neighborhood, and that turns out not to be likely anymore. Sorry!

I went to one when my wife and I were in Milwaukee - I can see why it would be cool to have one local.
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I agree with Padraig. I've never associated IKEA with "low prices" We had an IKEA bunkbed and it wasn't all that stable compared to the bunkbed we got from a major furniture store.
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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (cue Jason Mraz) IKEA! I currently live in Atlanta, and we have IKEA, H&M, and Trader Joe's, so I feel content! However, I used to live in Germany and since I have lived in Atlanta (4 years in the ATL, 14 years in Germany), IKEA is the one place that I truly feel at home....sad, I know, but the truth. I was there last weekend, and will be going again this weekend. This time, when I go, I will have to use my imagination to see what I can come up with in the store to use as something else besides it's designed purpose. Thanks for the post!
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