PETA Opts to Change "Fish" To "Sea Kittens"

Whether you love PETA or hate them, you still may find the humor in their new campaign to change the word for "fish" to "sea kittens." Maybe they took the word "catfish" a bit to far, but you have to wonder is a fish still a fish by any other name?

Personally, I find this to be further discrimination against ugly animals. If they con you into thinking fish are like adorable little kitties, will it really get you to stop eating more fish? As for me, go ahead and dish me up some delightful meowing sushi, I'm hungry.


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Yeah, I know, I don't shut up sometimes.

ted, the reason PETA gets under my skin is because they make people who do work with and for the benefit of animals on a daily basis look bad. When I was in the veterinary field, it was automatically assumed that I supported these clowns. The more I read into what they do and what they believe, the more disgusted I became. I am not an activist by any means, but I do like to get the message about their hypocrisy and aggressive philosophy out to people.A lot of people see them as being very benign, and they are anything but.
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I wish PETA was half as concerned with actually helping to improve the lives of animals as it is with getting attention. This is why I stopped sending them money years ago (I was a vegetarian for almost ten years and PETA was at one time a really useful vegetarian resource) and instead when I can afford to give to charity, I give to organizations like HSUS and ASPCA.
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