No School for 5 Days = $1 Billion Savings for California

Students in California are probably cheering Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to save $1 billion to help the state's big budget deficit by shortening
the school year by five days.

In other news, it costs $200 million a day (!) to run California's schools!
Let's give them 10 days off and save $2 billion!

Seema Mehta of the LA Times has the story: Link

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Jenny - "my econ teacher talked about this today
this takes over four thousand dollars out of each teachers yearly sallary"
"SenorMysterioso- i said yearly salary, not weekly"

Uhhh....yeah. If they closed school for 5 days, they'd be missing one business week of pay/work. If they then lost over four thousand dollars of salary, your economy teacher is inferring they make over four thousand dollars per week.

Given the average school year (minus vacations) is only about 40 weeks apparently you're econ teacher is pulling down $160,000 / year. Plus the whole summer off. I'm with SenorMysterioso, we should be going for teaching certs.

Either that or your econ teacher should present himself to your bio teacher, cuz I'm sure his talking rectum would fascinate him.
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I don't have kids, so this works just fine for me.
I still get annoyed about how our society works.
I don't have kids... but I have to pay for all of yours via my taxes. Freakin parasites... Why am I paying child support for babies I didn't make?
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Length of the School Year in Various Nations:

China: 251 Days
Japan: 243 Days
Germany: 226 Days
Italy: 216 Days
England: 196 Days
USA: 180 Days
(Harvard Business Review 10/03; Cox News Service 8/6/04)
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what i find most appalling is that the people who make decisions for us take such the easy-way-out of things like this.

this is where true conservatism should swoop in. this is not a political thing; this is a way-of-life thing. it is not good for a failing economy to promote right before reason.

one MAJOR way everyone everywhere could cut costs is to turn off the lights when the doors close. how many places do you pass by every single day that is closed but every single light is on both in and outside the building? entire cities stay lit throughout the night to display their little signs to advertise, but how much money is it wasting to keep that neon sign lit 24/7? and you know what, it wouldn't cost anyone a DIME to save that much energy, as opposed to forcing everyone into energy-saving appliances that don't teach YOU THE CONSUMER to be energy-saving yourself.

i have a great example. i am currently working in my radio station and every single light is on in the building.. it's sunday morning. i bet more than half the sales department computers are still on. the bathroom lights are on. vending machines are humming. the coffee room across the building from everthing is in full operation... all for me, the tv operator, the security guard, and my news anchor. there are a whole FOUR PEOPLE in the building, but everything is on as if it were another business day. i know for an absolute fact that we are not the only building wasting this much energy. and though we could easily be saving a few hundred bucks (maybe even thousands.. i'm not sure what their electric bills are like at a tv/radio station...) per month on electricity they are raising the prices of our coffee in order to compensate for this economy. i'm not complaining that the prices of coffee are going up by fifty-cents, i'm complaining that THE MONEY IS THERE AND NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING TO KEEP IT IN THE POCKETS OF THOSE WHO EARNED IT. i know california is a huge commercial state, imagine all the lights that could be turned out at night and then imagine the money that could be saved without having to cut school curriculums that are obviously failing as-is anyway.

poor planning makes for pathetic politics. where are the TRUE conservatives?
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