Word Association Game

OK, it's not exactly a game, but it is kind of entertaining in a mindless way. It's pretty simple: the site gives you a word and you type in the first word that comes to mind. Then it gives you another word based on the word you just gave - the site is essentially learning word connections from the people who use the site. You can get stats on each word to see if you think the same way other people do or not. It's also kind of fun to come up with a word no one has entered yet - you end up stumping the computer, and it adds your word to its list.
It's a good time-waster.


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There's an inherent problem with the way this is set up, from a psychological standpoint. The engine, by giving you back a word associate with your reply, creates as 'coloring' of what you will next say, based on the entire experience, instead of just the word. So it's not really 'word association' but 'them association' to an extent.

Justin's post illustrates this well. In word association, given the word f**ker, he'd want to reply with what came to mind given that one word as input, but instead, he had 'horse f**ker' influencing his thought.

the program should provide your next word randomly with no connection to your previous answer if they are trying to collect data on what words people associate with each other. Otherwise, their results on each word association will be 'corrupted' by each individual's previous chain. (for example, if earlier back-and-forth of "day-night-sleep-bed" will probably inspire a different next word that would "photosynthesis-leaves-flower-bed".)
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