The Ten Deadliest Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanos are the most dangerous type of natural catastrophe, and have killed more people than most of us are aware of. Read about each of the ten deadliest eruptions in recorded history. To give you an idea, the AD79 eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which you are probably most familiar with, only comes in at number ten. Pictured is Galunggung Volcano in Indonesia. -Thanks, Grzegorz Paslawski!

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liphttam - Population density isn't a big factor at present with due exception to those volcanoes that have a past event measuring exclusivity index of 7 or 8. Annual deaths and property loss have declined with the ability to monitor conditions and build models from data that can help predict eruptions, blast waves, pyroclastic/lava flows, and ash/gas generated.

The link also doesn't really address the significant toll massive eruptions like Toba or mantle plumes from flood basalts in igneous provinces(e.g. half of Siberia's crustal layer collapsing into a sea of magma).
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"Most dangerous natural castrophe" based on what? Most spectacular, maybe, but I'd guess droughts are far more deadly in terms of human death. Or plagues, but perhaps that doesn't count as natural.
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