New Car Feature Alerts Drivers When They Fall Asleep

I can think of a couple of times when I've nodded off while driving. This feature would've come in handy. Special sensors in the steering wheels of new Mercedes E-Class cars will detect inattentiveness by the driver and sound an alarm.

Link via Geekologie

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I read about this being in the development phases some time ago. I think it detects if the car is drifting or weaving, or it might even incorporate an "electronic eye" that "locks onto" the driver's pupils. If the pupils vanish for longer than the duration of a blink, or seem to roll up or toward/away from each other, it triggers the alarm.

Once I became throroughly exhausted while driving. As I approached the next rest area, I suddenly saw the cars ahead of me on the road appear to shift places abruptly, as though were watching a movie from which several consecutive frames of film had been edited out at random intervals. Later, I recall awaking safely in a parking-space at the rest area, but unable to recall entering the area or parking. Scary!

My work schedule is still overtaxing. But since I've lost weight, I find it easier to stay alert while driving.
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I'm more interested in what looks like that tailgating symbol down there on the bottom left.

Is that for the driver of the benz who is tailgating or to warn them that they are being tailgating?

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