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People Who Deserve It is a theme blog dedicated to documenting the types of people who deserves a good punch in the face (I think they mean metaphorically or at least I hope they do!). To wit, this annoying character type, The Self-Important Bluetooth Guy:

Hey there buddy, I see you got one of those fancy cyborg ear attachments for your cell phone, you must be pretty important?


Oh, of course you’re not, you’re not even on the phone right now, instead your just walking around with a blinking light in your ear like a metro-sexual robot.

Honestly, unless you’re police dispatch, or air traffic control, there is no way you’re getting enough calls to justify sporting that glorified techno-earring 24/7. So do us all a favor take that “thing” out of your ear and rejoin regular society.

Otherwise, it’s open season, and our fist-to-face connection is one call that always goes through. Can you hear us now?

Link - via Urlesque

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People using Bluetooth while driving: safer than not using a handsfree device.

People using Bluetooth while walking: potentially annoying.

A friend's psychiatrist constantly wore his Bluetooth headset, even during counseling sessions. I could not believe this when my friend told me about it. He called the doc "Dr. Bluetooth." To me, the presence of the headset, even if the doc never took a call on it while he was listening to me, would imply that there was a call out there that was potentially more important than listening to me. Wouldn't exactly foster an environment of trust.

As for the website, I'd like to add "Person Who Simply Must Take Every Conference Call On Speakerphone, With Office Door Open."
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I use my bluetooth while driving. It's the law here. But it's more of a just in case. I normally do NOT phone out when driving, unless I pull over, and I keep any received calls short.

My bluetooth is used the most when I'm shopping or in a noisy situation and I know I won't be able to hear my phone ring.

However, the people with bluetooths who just talk and talk and talk about nothing drive me nuts. If someone is talking to me and I get a call, normally, I ignore the call. I can call whoever it was back. Not these jerkoffs. Their chat about what they had for dinner is SO important that they can't possibly hang up the call for one minute, long enough to pay at the store and get out of the way!
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Those who use bluetooths while driving should be on that list, because they are STILL driving while distracted. It is very UNSAFE! You can't hear the car that you cut in front of because you have a conversation in your ear. If you really have to take a phone call on the road, pull the &$%# over! The call can wait.
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I wonder if there is an entry for people who don't use you're and your correctly. The whole blog might circle back on itself and form a singularity.
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