Bacon Explosion: The Mother of All Sausages

Remember the bacon cheese roll we featured on Neatorama recently? Well, I've found its brethren: the mother of all BBQ sausage, behold the Bacon Explosion. From the Burnt Finger BBQ Team:

The other day the guys from contacted me in search for some barbecue bacon recipes. Of course I have plenty of great uses for bacon in a barbecue pit, but the longer I thought about it, the more I wanted to step it up a notch and clog a few arteries for those guys. Behold, BACON EXPLOSION!!! Here’s what you’ll need…

2 pounds thick cut bacon
2 pounds Italian sausage
1 jar of your favorite barbeque sauce
1 jar of your favorite barbeque rub

To kick off the construction of this pork medley you’ll need to create a 5×5 bacon weave. If the strips you’re using aren’t as wide as the ones pictured, then you may need to use a few extra slices to fill out the pattern. Just make sure your weave is tight and that you end up with a nice square shape to work with.

Angioplasty, stat! Link

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We are eating these for lunch today at work. There are two of them and they look better then the originals for the web. They are beautiful and each glazed with a different sauce. Thank you Jack Wagner...a true chef.

You only live once, so make it a good one.
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You can attend a webinar with the BBQ Addicts guys coming Tuesday, April 7th 2009 11:00am (PT) and learn how they did this Social Marketing phenomenon. Hosted by Marketbright ( Marketing Automation Software)
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A lot of these bacon/pirate/ninja memes are really tiring, but even more tiring is how people seem obligated to mention that it's "an instant heart attack", "artery clogger", or make it a point of pointing out that they are vegetarian, and therefore too noble to eat a food animal.

1. I think most of us are aware that eating excessive amounts of bacon is bad for you. Sensible people eat it occasionally and not by the pound. Those who aren't sensible, might die from it. No news there.

2. If bacon is so offensive, don't eat it, but stop pretending you are somehow more moral or noble because you don't. Preaching about dietary choices is nearly as annoying as people who preach their religion where it is not welcome.

I had to get that out.
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