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Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodle

Welcome to Sandy Paws Creative Grooming Shop. Let me introduce you to things you never thought could be done to a poodle. Exhibit A) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dog. Please review the site for further examples including a camel, a peacock and a dragon.

Link Via Joshua Bearman

The camel and the rooster are well done. I can see how someone would be proud of this as far as art goes, but how can you walk that poor dog through your neighborhood with a clear conscience? Do these people actually think their dogs look nice? Poor creatures.
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That's, I'm vaguely tempted to call the SPCA, but I'm going with the benefit of the doubt and assuming that's all dog-friendly dye. The camel one's pretty neat, given the context of the 'artistry' involved.

On an unrelated note, this just may be why I'm a cat person.
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I have seen these before, and yes, the dyes are safe.

I still don't get it, though. While it's all very amusing to look at, I don't know that I would put a sweater on my dogs (unless it's super cold), much less do that to them. But then, there's probably a good reason I don't have Poodles.
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You know how a lot of times after a fire people with faulty smoke detectors say they were awakened in just the nick of time by their loyal pooches? I have a feeling Cindy the Poodle might just let her mistress snooze while she jets it out the doggy door.
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Cruel? Torture? PLEASE!

It's a dog, not a human. Do you honestly think it cares if its hair is dyed and cut a certain way? Good lord, people get some perspective. Does the owner show love and affection? Does it get enough exercise and playtime? Is it fed properly?

If so, then that dog couldn't be more happy as a Ninja turtle dog.
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Totally agree with Justin.
That dog does not care if its hair is dyed or if it's cut in to the shape of a camel (which is my fav), or tmnt.

Just b/c it's not your cup of tea doesn't mean that it's abuse, or that the dog is in some way being mistreated.
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Absolutely right, Justin. Too many people try to humanize animals.

Calling it ridiculous is one thing, but torture or animal abuse? That's just hypersensitivity to something that doesn't merit it.
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Okay, I admit I thought at first that woman has a strange obsession, but this isn't torture. Cindy is obviously getting a lot of attention, and for a dog, that's pretty good. She probably loves it.

And, yes, the woman may need a little therapy, but it's quirky and fun.
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I guess if someone's paying your rent, feeding you, and picking your excrement up in little bags, you don't get to have much of a vote in the "dress me like an a**hole" department.
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My dog is banned from the groomers. He crapped all over the tub when they tried to blow dry him, so they had to wash him all over again.

Never, ever again.
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WHAT IN THE HELL?????? If that is in fact a real dog that woman should be locked up for a while... or at least not allowed to be near an animal anytime soon. Amusing maybe, but use a doll.... this is just wrong! Not to mention, where'd this chick learn to dress herself? nice getup you scrub
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I like the camel one.
I agree with Justin and LisaL.
The dog does not appear to be harmed or abused.
Dog's do not care if their hairstyle does not match their collar.
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@ Justin and Lisa L
I agree with you totally. But you do have to admit that lady is at least a "little" wierd in her obsession of "grooming" her dog. LOL
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