Santa's Reindeer

Can you name all nine of Santa's reindeer? Can you do it (and spell them correctly) in two minutes or less? That's the challenge today in the mental_floss Lunchtime Quiz! Yes, I know one of them has a controversial spelling, but you can find the one that works. I got them in 30 seconds, and I would've done better if I could type.

PS: Of course, we know Santa really has a whole herd of reindeer.

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The old German for Thunder was Donner. The change to Dunder for the poem was probably to bring it more in line with the English.

And how many people were typing in "Blixem"? As that is the actual spelling used in the poem - very likely to help the awkward rhyme for "Vixen"

Donner and Blitzen means thunder and lightning in German. Donder or Dunder is Dutch, lightning in Dutch is Bliksem so it was probably the German that was originally used before Moore, ahem, published it.

Google: Charles Fenno Hoffman for more on the 7 year publishing gap.
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It's Donder, not Donner. Donder and Blitzen=Thunder and Lightening. Donner is a bunch of unlucky pioneers.

They also forgot Olive (the other reindeer) and (out with) Glee ;-)
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