Human Towers

Every summer in Catalonia, Spain, teams of "Castellers" can be seen competing against each other to see who can build the highest human tower.

See more pictures at Oddee. Link -Thanks, Emily!

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Im proud catalan, Catalonia is a part of Spain since Spain is Spain. My whole family and ancestors are from Catalonia and my feelings are with Catalonia and with Spain as well. I feel myself catalan and spanish like the 95% of my people. Those nationalists are only a minory inside my country that always are trying to confront other catalans against spain and creating hate.

Its too sad reading fellows that think that catalonia is not spain and disrespect our country, obviously is owed to a part of inculture and other part of bitterness caused by the lack of empahty. This radicals always use the excuse of Franco's dictadure to defend their point but the fact is that whole spain suffered the Franco's regimen not only catalonia. Fellows all suffered franco's cruelty not only you!
Here you can read a link about the true history of catalonia and see yourself that what im saying is true. In fact, Catalonia comes from the Aragon crown.

Im spanish and a catalan proud of our language, traditions and culture, Visça Catalunya!
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Queen of castille married king of aragon, but before that count of Barcelona married queen of aragon. So, if someone is interested to learn about the dinasty of counts, yes I said dinasty, will know that these counts had the same royalty than the Duch of Buckingham.

Plus the prior comentary before mine, exemplifies the social cold war that exists between spaniars and catalan "natives". To note that catalonia has no terrorist group and its pretensions to gain independence are democratic. Of course the counterpart using treies to mock nationalists using all kind of insults and provocative arguments.
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militar ocupation? please stop saying false things...CATALONIA HAS NEVER BEEN A COUNTRY...NEVER...It was part of the kingdom of aragon...when the princess of castille and the aragon get married .....THE UNIFICATION are only a terrorist like eta....killing people all days....please be human!!! monsters!!! stop laying!!!
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The tallest tower ever done was 10 people tall. It was done by "Minyons de Terrassa", the group from the city where I live.

"Castellers" is much a tradition than a contest. They score points for each castle done during the year, but it's not the tipical competition. Some groups are trying to make a league, but not all groups are agree with that. They prefer to maintain that as a tradition and spectacle in popular celebrations.

Answering to Jose Miguel, Catalonia has never been an independent country due to militar occupations. Spain killed catalan people, a president and tried to erase catalan culture from the world...

To others... it's a great experience to watch how they construct these castles. If you ever have the opportunity to assist, you can't lose it!
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Actually, one little girl (it's not only boys that climb to the top, and some are as young as five years old), belonging to the Capgrossos of Mataró, died a couple of years ago, but it's been about the only recorded casualty in over 300 years of castells.
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