World War

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Check out this excellent animated robot fight scene set in the year 2045. Vincent Chai produced this for his final project at the University Of Hertfordshire. It doesn't end like you think it will. Link -via Digg

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i graduated from an art school full of commercial artists and i can assure you that technicality is not everything, unless you only care about how polish the final result looks like. this clip is basically soulless( lack of genuine quality) with tons of things that we have seen so many times.

i definitely don't want to see neatorama becomes another cheesy cg forum.
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I thought the animation was pretty amazing. Lots of detail and executed very well.
The kick to the robotic nuts was a bit funny, but I'm sure funnier to the people who made this...
All in all though, it was very well done.
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WOW people are pretty frugal with the complements.

Please bear in mind this guy was at University, NOT Pixar, money/time/experience are difficult to come by at Uni.

I for one think this is amazing considering its a Uni Project.

(PS I went to this University myself, it has a great creative arts dept)
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the music is lame.the animation is not subtle enough. especailly when they seem like something you have seen in other cg movies, which means that this is a water down, poor man version of some other big budget cg films. concept is full of cliche. rendering technique is not bad. congrats to those big animation houses for having one more obedient member for doing all the technical stuff. we can't wait to see the next 20 cg movies that look just like the last 20 of them with different characters and "uniquely" different stories. oh don't forget to throw some kung fu fighting, transforming robot, and asian cityscape into it.
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The animation was pretty darn nice but the sound effects were awful!!

And so what if it wasn't a little ridiculously cheesy in terms of "plot" - it was just a student piece, and a darn nice one at that.
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"World War"

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