Teacher Got In Trouble Over Santa

A substitute teacher in the United Kingdom got into a whole lot of Christmas trouble when she - gasp! - told kids that Santa doesn't exist:

The female supply teacher told pupils at Blackshaw Lane Primary in Royton, Oldham, that it was parents, not Santa, who left their gifts on Christmas Day.

Several parents complained to the head teacher, who has since accepted an apology from the teacher concerned.

But head Angela McCormick has since told the agency she does not want the teacher to work there again.

- Thanks Phil!

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If some kid asked about how old the earth is are you going to say "that depends on your religious beliefs" or are you going to say 4.5 billion years? It boils down to the same thing your parents are lying to you. The Easter bunny and the tooth fairy aren't real either, Magic doesn't exist, and Jesus wasn't born in December.
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I always told my kids that Santa was just a game people play. My kids, now young adults, have great critical thinking skills and tell me they grew up feeling like they were never lied to. Of course I wouldn't send a dog to a public school; I home schooled my kids, so the teachers can tell your kids anything they want and it won't hurt my feelings. Tell them Santa=Satan.
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I'm with Alex, personally, though I recognize that some people want to hang onto things that they were taught and I feel the teacher was out of line simply because they are not her kids to mess up. Just as religion has no place in public schools, neither does someone deciding what kids should or shouldn't know about religion/Santa/the fairies. None of it belongs.

I am still undecided on whether firing the teacher was right or not, but at the same time, kids these days are treated like little hot house flowers, which is why this made me laugh.

I don't know that I ever believed in Santa. I pretended to for my mother's sake.
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