Scared of Santa

ABC News has a cute segment online about kids who are scared of Santa - and a collection of photos of "Toyland Terror" that have just been published in book form.

[Scary Santa photo courtesy of Flickr user rachel_r]

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I took my kids to the husbands work party last night It was nice to see the parents not force the crying scared kids on santas lap they just said okay don't go see santa... no trama nothing.
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Yesterday, at a local store :
- me : hey! look there! what is it?
- my 4 years old : it's a guy disguised in Santa
- Santa is taking pictures with kids : do you want to be on a picture with Santa?
- No. (using the same definite tone as : what? NO WAY!!!)

There no childhood anymore :)
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I wonder how confusing it must be for kids these days when their parents tell them not to talk to strangers and not accept anything from them. And then they plop that poor kid on a strangers lap with a ginormous beard interrogating you with endless questions and then hands you a candy cane. It's madness I tells ya!
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Both have a slave army Elves-deamons

Both love red

One goes DOWN a firey chimny, Other lives down in the firey core.

Both convince you to be good. One with presents, one with eternity in hell.

And realy, Santa is just one letter switched is Satan.
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