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The Heartbroke Daily is an online diary of a fictional character, Knox Dupree, who suffers from a chronic ailment: love sickness. In it, Knox tell us an engaging story every day about a different woman who broke his heart:

Dahlia was that girl in the airport terminal who you see out of the corner of your eye and think, She seems really intriguing. I hope I sit next to her. It usually doesn’t happen, so you pop an Ambien and fade yourself out for the duration. However, in this particular instance I wound up sitting in next to the girl from the terminal, thinking to myself, maybe my luck has changed.

I struck up a conversation about nightlife in Tokyo, where we were departing from. This led into a rundown of who we were, and what we did. She worked in advertising, liked it ok, preferred Seattle, where she lived, to Southern California, where she was raised. It was all mundane small talk and I found my infatuation fading, until, two hours into the flight, both engines stopped and the plane fell from the sky like a anvil in an old cartoon.

Link - via The Presurfer

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Many of my stories are completely true, albeit, with slight changes in the details, to protect the identity of my former loves. A number of the posts are simply inspired by women I have known, but I alter the narratives to concisely tell the story.

Knox Dupree
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Well, as someone who broke up with a girl who he was crazy for and had to leave the city to get away from being reminded about her. This just breaks my heart. Argh! Curse the hopeless romantic in me...yet I can't stop reading.
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