Almost Homeless and Looking for a Job ...

Paul Nawrocki worked in the toy industry for 36 years as an executive before he was laid off. The economic is bad and after more traditional approaches of looking for work failed, Paul decided to do something drastic:

Paul Nawrocki says he's beyond the point where he cares about humiliation.

That's why he weekly takes a 90-minute train ride to New York, where he walks the streets wearing a sandwich board that advertises his plight: The former toy-industry executive needs a job.

"Almost homeless," reads the sign. "Looking for employment. Very experienced operations and administration manager."

Wearing a suit and tie under the sign, Nawrocki -- who was in the toy industry 36 years before being laid off in February -- stands on Manhattan corners for hours, hoping to pass resumes to interested passers-by.

"When you're out of work and you face having nothing -- I mean, having no income -- pride doesn't mean anything," Nawrocki said. "You need to find work. I have to take care of my family."


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I would be interested to find out what changes he has made to his lifestyle. If he's under a certain income limit, his wife's medications can be gotten at a serious discount or even free from some companies. Also, if she is disabled, she may be able for social security disability, and medicare. Has he bothered to look for a job outside of his current area? Considered the idea of moving to a place where there may be more jobs, and a lower cost of living? I do find it interesting that people are not finding his resume online etc. Whatever the case is, I hope he does find something to help support his family, that his daughter realizes that her father should not be paying her student loans, and that he realizes that he may really have to make some radical lifestyle changes to be able to get by. BTW, does it list his address on his resume? I'd be interested to know where he lives and what his home is valued at.
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