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A teacher who could no longer afford to print out the tests for his classes has taken to selling ads on his students' tests. The current pricing is $10 per quiz, $20 per test and $30 per final. Most of the ads are from parents and local businesses. What kind of a message would you put on your kid's test?


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I think the teacher is being very innovative. That is the American spirit ... you find a solution to get the job done even in the face of adversity. I agree that there is an underfunding problem, but that teacher is one smart person who is potentially teaching two lessons with that 'sponsered-by' quiz.
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Lack of funding? Not so much. Money going to the wrong places and people? Um, yeah. Look at what the Dallas (Texas) Independent School District is going through right now. DISD has metric craploads of money poured into it every year, and it has a 50% non-graduation rate. As someone else said, get rid of most of the bureacract and administration, and actually put the money where it will do some good (merit-based raises for teachers is a good start).
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Thanks for that, Scott-O. :)

ChrisM70, maybe you ar onto something. How about a volume discount, and at the bottom the copying company advertise on the test saying they were the one who printed it off?
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A school that can't afford to print tests?

What kind of a budget does this school have?
What is wrong with the parents if they won't pay to fund basic printed materials for schools?

The original story says that it costs him 3ยข per copy. The school can't work out a deal or find a place that would print them cheaper? Could they not get their own copying machine?

Our country's priorities are completely screwed up.

The last thing a teacher needs to do is spend time figuring out ways on how to keep his/her corporate sponsors happy, or how to bring in more revenue. They should spend their time TEACHING KIDS.

It would probably also help if the teachers got more help from the parents, too.
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