Flooding in Venice

What's it like when a canal city has a flood? Venice, Italy is undergoing its worst flooding in 22 years as water has risen five feet above normal levels.
Venice’s lagoon often rises to 40 inches above its normal level during 'acqua alta’ or high tides, particularly in autumn and winter.

But anything above 50 inches risks flooding the city and causing chaos for its 60,000 permanent residents and the tens of thousands of tourists who descend on it each day.

The worst flood in modern times was in 1966, when the lagoon rose more than six feet and caused widespread damage.

Experts say the severity and frequency of floods is becoming worse due to silt deposits raising the floor of the lagoon and a rise in sea levels caused by global warming

Flood control barriers under construction are not expected to be operational until 2012. Link -Thanks, Freshome!

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Hola, alguien sabe como esta actualmente venecia? voy para alla mediados de enero, y queria saber con que me voy a encotnrar, si sera visitable. Y es mi primera vez
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Just to specify and be precise, Venice suffers from high tides, but it not like a flood, water arrives and goes away in few hours, the venetians are used to it and are organized for that. The last relevant event of high tide in any case, was the greatest of the last 22 years, and the picture above is taken from St. Mark's Square the lowest part of the city.

I don't say is nothing, but it is not such a devastating event that journals and media are trying to make people belive!

A venetian
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How come when Venice floods, it Global Warming to blame but NYC, Miami, Galveston, London, and other cities sit at only inches above sea level and they only flood when an extraordinary event i.e. hurricane and 5 to 10 inches of sudden rain fall. So my question is "If we all know from elementary school science classes that water seeks its own level, then how come the melting ice cap from global warming isn't causing the water level to rise uniformly." I listened to a joker the other night discussing how global warming and he gave all these scary details about Miami, Galveston, New Orleans, London, etc. flooding due to global warming. What was strange he never once mentioned New York -- that's where he lives--I've been to NYC like most people and I tell you that the ocean is right there--only a few feet below where you stand in Battery Park......
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