Buying "Made in America" Left a Woman Hungry, Broke, and Half-Naked!

Nicole McClelland conducted an experiment where she buys only American-made goods. It seems simple, but it's anything but. Going "Made in America" for a week left her hungry, broke, and half-naked:

In 1990, when I was in grade school, I watched a union-sponsored commercial in which a mother told her little boy that they would have to move because Dad had lost his job—too many people were buying imports. As union jobs dried up, so did that campaign; now, 14 years into nafta, buying local is hot, but buying American is, at best, a joke (though in August Barack Obama dusted off the sentiment with his "Buy American, Vote Obama" slogan). When I told Scott Paul, executive director of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, that I was going to buy only American for a week, he laughed. "I'm very sorry to hear that.

"It's exceptionally hard, if not impossible, to be 100 percent pure," he explained. "There are just some things you can't buy. It's incredibly difficult and depressing."


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Buying American isn't hard- it's a decision to support America - there isn't a food product out there that you can't find made by local producers and farms. Even furniture believe it or Not. Klaussner furniture is 100% made in America and the build your items JIT down in Asheboro NC. I never goto walmart or target and always check the country tag. And I'm doing just fine.
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i need to think up a gimmick to try for a week . . . we've had a week of homelessness, a week of buying nothing, i don't even remember what all.
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This isn't an area where I even try to make a stand. When I still lived in America, I tried not to buy anything made in China, or any Communist country (not a debate I am willing to get into so I will just say that my parents are Cuban exiles and we have reason to hate Communism and their beloved firing squads), making an effort to buy American. It doesn't work. I just don't even try to win that battle.
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Not actually related to the topic per say but I have a part time job working as an Inventory Associate where I go around to various shops/stores after they close up and do an inventory count of their remaining products. It's amazing what kind of stuff is made where.
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