Now that's an Apple Pie!

Windell and Lenore at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories used a 45 watt carbon-dioxide laser to score an Apple logo on the top crust of an apple pie. They used a square springform pan to get the crust centered just right, and kept a crust lattice inside the logo to prevent it from distorting while it baked. I heard it was delicious, too. Link

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this pie, like Apple's recent philosophical blunders, is half-baked:
no firewire ports in standard laptops, dumbed-down versions of imovie and FCexpress mean I'm supposed to buy more expensive software AND hardware...
and what about those AMAZING 'apps' for the iPhone - when I see those ads on tv, i think for certain that if this is what the almighty Apple offers as 'entertainment'? or whatever that sh*t is for, then we are doomed to have stoooooooopider humans. Apple needs to eat some Humble pie and get with the program
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"they cost 8$ to make and i pee on every one. i've made a fortune of you chumps and ive invested it all in my boyfriend, bill gates, and i kiss each other on a pile of your money" - bart simpson as 'steve mobs'....haha...then the first commercial break has an iphone commercial...
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To eat this pie, you have to upgrade your mouths firmware.

If this had been baked in using traditional methods, then fine, but using a laser is cheating.
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"Now that's an Apple Pie!"

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