Muggle Quidditch (Yes, It's a Real Sport!)

Remember the game Quidditch in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books? Well it turns out that a non-wizard version of the game is taking college campuses by storm. And yes, they do it with broomsticks up their butts:

The earthbound variation is called Muggle Quidditch. The sport originated in 2005 when a student at Middlebury College adapted the game for the nonmagical world. Its popularity quickly spread, and today more than 150 colleges throughout the United States have Quidditch teams. [...]

While the wizards in the Potter series play Quidditch on flying broomsticks, Muggles (author J. K. Rowling’s word for nonmagical people) run holding a broom between their legs. It’s a lot harder than it looks, and just as awkward, says Stack, who is team captain while Culleton is studying abroad.

“We’re a small, kind of ragtag group,” she says. “Not everyone has brooms yet, so some people play with Wiffle bats or lacrosse sticks. And we only have two hoops. You’re supposed to have three on each end of the field.”

As in the fictional game, each Muggle Quidditch team has seven players: three chasers, two beaters, a keeper, and a seeker. Chasers score points by throwing a quaffle, or volleyball, through one of three hoops (worth 10 points) while trying to avoid bludgers, or dodgeballs, that are thrown by beaters. (If chasers are hit by a bludger, they must drop the quaffle.) The keeper’s job is to protect the three goalposts, while the seeker must capture the snitch — a sock stuffed with tennis balls carried by a person (typically a cross-country runner) dressed in gold. Capturing the snitch nets an additional 30 points and ends the game.

Aah, to be young and going to nerdvana, er ... college: Link (with video clip goodness, of course) - via Geekologie

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I can't believe pre-professional people are running around on broomsticks like they're 8 years old. I fear for society. No one had enough creativity to invent their own sport, so they had to steal one from a fictional book. This is why young people are getting dumber and more irresponsible than ever, because acting like a juvenile at 18-22 years old is perfectly acceptable in today's world. Pathetic in my opinion.
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to vero4902 over the 6th grade let me see what grade are you in... and there is over 200 schools in the usa and canada that play it so do you and all the other people here that are bitchin bout this please just do all of us a favour and dont say anything. if you are gonna say anything about this say something nice instead of shooting this down HAVE AN IMAGINATON
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i think you guys just should just have some imagination because obviously you guys are too stuck up to realise how this is actually pretty cool and ,aybe before you start bitchin at this i have a good idea TRY IT first before you go all o this sport is ridiculus.
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Ok "Z" your a total dumbass. There is a point to holding the broom because it's part of how the game is played. Think about how stupid other sports are.. Like fucking retarded football you throw around a lame lumpy ball and dress up in all this padding that makes you look like a space case.. And you would rather get pussy than play this game? Chances are you aren't getting pussy anyways so I would pick up my brroom if I was you.
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