Vintage Photos of Past Macy's Thanksgiving Parades

Photo: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York (c. 1932) via Swapatorium

design:related blog has a neat post about some fabulous vintage photos of past Macy's Thanksgiving Day parades. For photos of the very first balloons that appear in the parade (back in 1927), go here: - via BuzzFeed

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I'm in my 20's and still like watching the parades... I hope a.) that feeling never goes away and b.) my children will be as excited as I am to watch them :')
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Not into going to see parades...I've been one time and it was soooo boring. However, as a child I enjoyed watching the parades on TV especially at the age where you still believed in Santa, because I liked seeing Santa at the end of the Macys parade. Nowadays, I could care less to even watch them on TV.
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@Rocky Rook

I know how you feel. For years, in my home town, we had the annual Christmas parade. I hated it and it took years to convince my mother that we didn't need to go. Apparently, she took us because she thought that we would enjoy it, but she herself is not into parades. Watching them on TV is twice as pointless. But hey, it entertains a lot of folks.

I still think the old pics are great, though. I love any old pictures, and Felix the Cat is always cool.
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I have never understood the magic of parades. Even the candy that they throw ... it was cheap and it was man-handled by clowns or elves who may not have showered in a week and the candy lands on the ground ... the same ground the horses poop on and then the Cub Scouts later pick up. You stand outside in the snow or freezing cold for a few hours and then you can't do anything the rest of the day. So we would just watch the parade on TV ... but that was even more pointless. I just don't "get" parades.
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