9 Sickeningly Sexist Ads

Ah, misogyny, one of the final frontiers of terrible, terrible inequalities in our society. It's amazing that only in the 60's sexism was so prevailent in advertising. Sometimes you see ads these days and think how prejudiced they are, but seeing these makes me think "thank god for the advancements in our society." Maybe in another 40 years sexism really will be totally gone from the marketing industry, but I doubt it.


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Maybe there really are housewives, and maybe they are a market for some products.

Several of the ads are sexist, but the one used in this post is not (in my opinion).
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Political correctness may disrupt the natural dynamics between men and women for a few years or for a couple of generations; but eventually it reverts to way things have always been.
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It is a fact that there will always be those that abuse their position such as these ads promote, however...

Did you know that the word 'administer' came from the word 'manage', which in turn comes from a Latin word meaning 'to run a household'? Which of course was the woman's job. Yes, WOMEN were the first managers.

Today however, the role of the female in America has been perverted to that of 'just another person' and women are told that they are 'free' to shirk that responsibility and not do their job.

And of course men are to be pitied because 'it is so hard to make a living today' that they can't do their job of providing for thier family.

Those that believe that bunch of malarky are a stupid little sheep - easy pushovers for anyone trying to ruin a country.
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My point exactly, Sid.

And my question about stereotypes was more rhetorical than anything else. We will always have stereotypes, and thin supermodels, and men getting struck in the balls in movies.
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