Restaurant and Food Guide for People with Celiac Disease

My friend Eric has recently launched Gluten Free Globe, a site for people with Celiac disease. He's got a bit of wanderlust, you see - he could just as easily be in Iowa as he could be in New Zealand or Hong Kong. He has Celiac's and it's apparently a bit of a pain to try to figure out where he can eat on his travels. So, he started this free site where people can log in and add their experiences and read reviews from other people. It's only just launched, so it's not extensive yet, but with your help, it could be! If you have a great Gluten-free restaurant review or food product to share, head on over and add them to the database. Eventually, you'll be able to log in and find Gluten-free meals across the world.

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snicklefritzz, you have one too many zeds at the end of your name. Do you not know how to spell?

So, they call it celiacs, BFD. It's a nickname. It's also a way to tell if someone else is a member of the (sufferer's) club.

I don't have celiac disease, but I am gluten intolerant. Asian and Mexican restaurants are great. Risotto is my order of choice at Italian restaurants. You do have to be careful, but it really only becomes a problem in small towns and rural areas with minimal restaurant choices.
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I find it hard to understand how & why people who actually HAVE Celiac Disease have trouble knowing that it's just Celiac - not Celiac's.
Do ppl w/ other diseases not know how to say them? Anyone?
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This is great, I'm constantly trying to find how to eat well and not get's like calculus. I already have something to add, Maggiano's offers gluten-free entrees.
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