Picture Indians

PJM at Old Picture of the Day dropped out of the rat race and became a high school teacher.
I can remember my first day of class, I had one class made up of a particularly tough group of students. These students did not have a history of academic success, and struggled in a number of areas, and with a number of issues. On the first day, I threw out the text book, and told the students I was going to teach them to do something useful, and that they would accomplish something that they could be proud of, and that they would be recognized for.

What they did was create a website called Picture Indians. The students learned about web design and coding, copyright laws, and photo restoration. Take a look and maybe send an email to the students to let them know what you think of their project. Link to story. Link to website. -Thanks, Alannah!

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My compliments to the teacher and his students.
I enjoyed the site very much. It's like a work of art, a tribute to the American Indians. No information, no advertisements, no distractions, just the amazing photographs and the whispers from the past.
There is a rhythm in the layout and the colors. Simple, respectful and close to the earth, just like the people.
Many websites look like advertising brochures nowadays. But sites like this have an extra, deeper quality. Not too long, not too short, perfectly balanced, a monument for the people represented. I really wish there were more of such sites around.
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JM4P: It does not matter if they are minority students or not. The point is that they have struggled with school for a variety of reasons and some one came along who decided not to give up on these 'problem' students and taught them something useful. Yes, Sid, multimedia classes are totally useful in high school. Having computer skills is a necessity these days and these kids have just opened up several different job opportunities for themselves.
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"These students did not have a history of academic success, and struggled in a number of areas, and with a number of issues. "

Who wants to place a 10 dollar bet with me that these were minority students?
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The first thing kids need to learn is the love of learning. If they never experience that, they have no investment in staying in school or finding any value in traditional subjects. Sounds like this project might really help.
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