New Super Surface Hates Water AND Oil!

MIT researchers led by chemical engineer Robert Cohen and mechanical engineer Gareth McKinley have created the world's first superoleophobic and superhydrophobic surface (let me translate for you: the "super surface" repels both water and oil):

A group of MIT researchers have created an improved set of design rules for making any surface impervious to any liquid, be it water or gasoline. Such materials could eventually have promise as fingerprint-repelling coatings, fuel filters, self-washing car paints, and stain-resistant clothing. [...]

They started with a polymer developed by the Air Force that contains large numbers of oil-repelling fluorine groups. The MIT researchers made the material even more oil resistant by using lithography to pattern it with overhanging microstructures. These tiny structures create air pockets that help suspend liquids and prevent them from penetrating to the surface. The MIT researchers found that the surfaces are both superoleophobic and also superhydrophobic, or water repelling. Because they repel everything, they're called omniphobic.

Link - via Blue's News

Photo: Anish Tuteja/Wonjae Choi

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it is ridiculous to claim "world's first....", there were papers published by others on the creation of both water and oil repellent surface/coating already years ago...., the concept of Fluorinated mateirals and lithography were already there, even the picture used here looks similar to the pic in those paper....

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