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Cuttlefish Cloaking Device
Ever see a cuttlefish turn on its cloaking device ... er, camouflage? It. Is. Awesome.

Here's the short and sweet video clip: Link

Afghanistan Waterfall of Rocks
Danish soldiers stationed in Afghanistan filmed this crazy rockslide where boulders the size of cars were tossed around like they were nothing.


Venti Does NOT Mean Large
Or how to be a douchebag in Starbucks. But seriously, folks, am I the only one who (when I do rarely visit the overpriced coffee establishment) order a "large" coffee?


Kid vs. Mom
All right: first, watch the clip. Then tell me if this is a display of poor parenting skills or a justifiable Hulk smash action by the mom. Oh dear!


Cannot ... get ... comfortuhbuhls ...
Okay, let's end today's VideoSift picks with something funny (I promise, no cats): a cute little dog can't get comfy enough in its lil' bed.

Link (from the ever dependable Cute Overload)

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i have a daydream where i had the following dialog at a starbucks (sb)--

me: a large cappucino, please.
sb: you mean a venti?
me: uhhh, large.
sb: venti.
me: large.
sb: venti.
me: large.
sb: sir, venti means large in italian
me: no, venti means twenty in italian. i do not want to buy twenty cappucinos.
sb: .uhhh, ok. one large cappucino.

-- then the line cleared up and i swallowed the marketingspeak just to expedite my cup of java.
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Justifiable. Sometimes need a taste of reality. And why couldn't the Starbucks near where i live have been the ones they are shutting down? For crying out loud, there are THREE Starbucks in the same mall in Norfolk!
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That laptop lady is an idiot. I don't know if it's real though. What was it she wanted done now? How is breaking a laptop going to accomplish that? People, don't have kids if this is how you're gonna raise them.
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