Plastic Surgery Addict

48-year-old Hang Mioku became so obsessed with plastic surgery that she moved to Japan to avail herself of various procedures. Eventually, doctors refused to treat her, so she moved back to her native Korea. A plastic surgeon there provided her with syringes and silicone so she could do her own facial injections. When her supply of silicone was gone, she injected her face with cooking oil!
The Daily Telegraph in London reports her face became so large compared to her small body that local children began calling her "standing fan".

Hang's appearances on Korean TV caused viewers to donate money for surgery to try to reduce the size of her face.

The initial procedure alone saw over a quarter of a kilogram of foreign matter removed from Hang's face. -Thanks, Love Rat!

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Yeah, I'm half-Korean myself and I know many Koreans that do not want plastic surgery. But there are quite a handful of Koreans that I know that DO want surgery. Being "perfect" is the vision of a lot of Koreans. I know my mom wants to have plastic surgery especially on her eyes, she wants double-eyelids. She's always telling me how jealous she is because I have double-eyelids, but I don't see how they're so great. They're just eyelids to me. I don't look at someone and say "Oh I'm not talking to them because they have single-eyelids." But physical appearance seems to be a huge thing in Korea. Not necessarily just plastic surgery but being thin and what not.

Yeah, I was ranting, sorry. But I hope the woman gets some help, she needs it. Poor woman. :\
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you know, i think at first: how can you feel bad for somebody who does this type of shit to themselves, then after thinking it over, i realize that this person probably has what we would consider a deasease, or disorder where she just can't stop, it is sad either way.
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It's no different from all the diy-ers doing home improvement... except that home is your own body. The problem is when you start to use mud instead of a proper drywall... you know what I mean?
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