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McDonald's New Stealth Campaign: No Brand, No Clown!

It seems like McDonald's is trying out a new marketing strategy in Japan that has ninja-like stealth: no-brand, no Golden Arches, ... and even no clown!

Neil Duckett went to the fast food restaurant, simply called "Quarter Pounder" in Shibuya and took some photos: - via Inventor Spot

...or if zombies were attacking from the future using advanced ray gun technology and McDonalds was the only place that had some sort of anti-ray gun technology suit.
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Wow, why all the mcdo hate? It's a company. If people don't like it, they can stop eating there. Did anyone ever FORCE you to eat a BigMac?

Mcdo actually tries out different styles of restaurants all over the world. I saw an interesting program about it on the Travel channel, or maybe the Food channel not too long ago.

They have a drive-thru for snow skis in Finland, I think. And a very chic one in the middle of Rome! Why not? They may want to upgrade their image in a few years...
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McDonald's sales increased 8.2% according to this report

It is a well-managed business.

The pictures of "Quarter Pounder" reminded me of Pei Wei ... black and red ... makes people feel at home and want to eat.
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I don't know about the Travel channel, because I don't have T.V., but I know here in the U.S., stupid people don't stop eating there; they just get fatter every day.
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McDonald's is consistent, food that is served quick. When you are busy, and you need a quick bite to eat, and you don't want to gamble about what you are getting, then going to McDonald's is often a good idea.

Is it healthy to eat there? no, of course not. But there are far worse problems then eating non-healthy food (e.g. not eating any food).
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It's so funny how biased people are against corporate America. Normally people say that the clown and all that are the reason so many children are pulled in, but once you take the clown away it's labeled as "stealth."

People eat there because they are lazy and don't give a hoot about their health. It's convenient and edible enough to make it a preferable option to people.

If you hate McDonalds don't just blame the corporation, but blame all the people who give them their money. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, PEOPLE!
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What's so wrong with getting a little unhealthy food sometimes. I try and eat healthy as much as I can, but living on a college campus with a mandatory meal plan, the meals get a little repetitive and boring, and aren't always that great for you. But it is nice to every once and a while go out and get something quick and cheap when you don't have a lot of time. It may not be great, but everything in moderation, And its better than skipping meals because you don't have the time to eat all day.
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Oh come on you guys: McDonalds is delicious! This Quarter Pounder Store is awesome and looks like it'd be cool to eat there, in the dark while really high. Plus, Beef is a delicacy over there, right? Fun!
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It's an interesting remake on the corporate identity. Is there a rationale for why this way, in this place, or are they just trying something different?
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I love McDonald's, and I'm a perfectly healthy weight. You can't slam a whole company just because some people are too irresponsible to manage their own diets. Should we hate Crisco because if you eat nothing but Crisco, you'll blow up like a balloon?
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Are you sure it's not just a Quarter Pounder-themed bar?

(Kinda reminds like that Nazi-themed bar from a few years ago... )
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To really understand McDonald's you really have to have worked for them, I think anyway. I always thought that I had understood them up until the point in which I actually worked at one. The way the conduct themselves, from the inside out really is like no other fast food restraunt, really it's quite amazing. I'm not sure anyone can really appreciate it though =S oh well.
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