Headlines of Obama's Victory From Newspapers Around the World

Geoff of menegay blog put together a large webpage showcasing some 700 frontpages of newspapers from around the world (from Newseum) on the day that Barack Obama won the US Presidential Election - Link

The selections are impressive, though toward the end some newspapers apparently either didn't get the news, didn't care or had to go to press before the results were in.

The Statesman Journal's frontpage to the left should bring a smile to veteran web users. Apparently the Statesman Journal editors are Web lingo enthusiasts.

In other news, The New Mexico Sun News printed its declaration of an Obama victory one week before the actual election:

The Sun News is a bi-monthly newspaper and its Oct 26-Nov 8 issue had to hit the streets, and the newsstands, before the election. So the editors decided to make a leap of faith and declare Democrat Barack Obama the winner.

In an article explaining their choice, the editors unabashedly wrote, “When it comes to calling the winner of a presidential election, everyone wants to be first. The New Mexico Sun News hereby claims that achievement.” (Source)

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Obama is your average, typical politician. In a press conference today, he was asked if those in the upper tax bracket could expect to pay higher taxes in 2009 according to Obama's plan. He refused to answer. How is that change?

He may not end up being as bad as his detractors say, but his rabid supporters will not see the promises he made come into fruition.
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The media lead them to believe him to be something he is not. That is why they supported him. If Obama was a Republican he would have never even came close in the primary elections. The media would have covered every tiny issue wrong with him and people would never vote for him.

The media chose McCain and Obama. I knew this from the start and before the primary elections took place. I didnt want to believe it but I knew Obama would win the general election because that is all the media talked about.

Wait until Israel is attacked and Obama does nothing to protect them. This will be his downfall.
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"Headlines of Obama's Victory From Newspapers Around the World"

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