Mouse Cloned From Carcass Frozen For 16 Years

Teruhiko Wakayama and colleagues at RIKEN, Japan, have successfully cloned a mouse from cells of a dead mouse that has been frozen for 16 years. Things brings up two questions: 1) When are we going to bring back the mammoth, and 2) WHO KEEPS A FROZEN MOUSE FOR 16 YEARS?!?!

Oh, and it reminds me to clean out my freezer. Who knows what's in there now ... Link (with video clip) - via Gizmodo

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It's relatively easy to forget dead animals in freezers. My dad has had a bohemian waxwing in the freezer for about 20 years now. He finds it from there in every two or three years and says "I should finally take this to the taxidermist", puts it back and forgets it again. I guess it will be there for the next 20 years as well.
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definitely a mouse guys
and about cloning animals with dwindling populations, um that's not really going to work, wayy to much inbreeding,unless it's highly controlled or they get DNA from already dead specimens, but still most animals have more than one baby, which would make too much of the same genetics running around
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