Egg Inside An Egg

A chicken raised at a high school in Japan laid a giant egg. Inside was another egg!
The huge egg, which was 8.1 centimeters high and weighed 158 grams, was laid at the Yokaichi Minami High School in the city of Higashiomi in late October. The egg was scheduled to be displayed after grabbing headlines in local and national newspapers.

But school teachers decided on Friday to remove the shell by using a scalpel and tweezers after finding a crack. They later discovered another medium-sized egg inside the giant egg as the yolk and the white portion spurted out.

There are now plans to break the second egg to see what's inside. -Thanks, Geekazoid!

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I stay in Entebbe Uganda.
On 1st May 2009 I was served with a normal sized chicken egg. On cracking the egg open, I found a small egg in side the bigger egg! I thought that may be there was no york inside the bigger egg but to my surprise there was a york not only inside the bigger egg but also inside the small one. The york in the smaller egg was white in colour as opposed the the normal yellowish normal color of the york in the bigger (outer) egg. Does anybody know what may have caused an egg to develop inside another egg?
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This happened to me last week. My five year old, while visiting his grand parents, collected some eggs from a neighbor's farm. One was quite large and the chicken's owner told my son it would be a double yoker, but when we opened it there was another egg inside.
The outer egg has white but no yolk. The inside egg was totally normal.
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