Link Between Physical and Emotional Warmth: Hot Cup of Coffee Makes Perfect Stranger More Attractive

Researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder discovered the secret of making yourself more attractive to other people: give them a hot cup of coffee!

Looking to improve your romantic odds? Get your date a steaming cup of coffee.

That's the implication of a new study by researchers who wanted to see if there was any connection between physical and emotional heat. To their surprise, they found that people who held a cup of hot coffee for 10 to 25 seconds warmed to a perfect stranger. Holding a cup of iced coffee had the opposite effect.

If you want to make a good impression, advised study author Lawrence E. Williams, a University of Colorado at Boulder assistant professor of marketing, a fresh cup of coffee "may bias the situation in your favor."


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It's not about the Coffee -

it is important to stress that it is not the Coffee, here, but that it is about the WARM drink.

Tea will also have the same effect.

People who drink warm drinks are much more down to earth and friendly as opposed to people who drink cold drinks such as soda all the time.
Beer and alcoholic drinks do not count, due to the alcohol's loosening effect on people.
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School picture haircut...
Dad's best white shirt...
left-handed mouse use...

So many things scream bizarro in that pic! I'd bet there's a live baby chick in that cup, no coffee. Creepy bastard.
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I assume the oversized feeling is deliberate. He's supposed to look tiny with a slightly taller mug, a big screen, and a loose-fitting shirt. The screen is in the foreground, making it look even bigger than it actually is.
Looks like it's advertising how gorwn-up your kids would look because they're smarter using this computer. But that's just a wild guess.
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"Mac’s marketing campaign is built on pretension"

Uhh, isn't marketing in general basically a game of pretension? The Apple vs PC commercials are not simply "PC is lame, Mac is hip and cool" though I'll acknowledge that is a big part of it. However, a good 50% of the Mac commercials are also about countering the myth that PCs do everything and Macs do nothing (i.e. it's utility).

HP, Dell, and other PC manufacturers also use branding campaigns that make their product look sleek, stylish, and cool as well, they just haven't succeeded as well as Apple has yet. Sony's Vaio laptops used to do just as well as Apple did in this department, but they've been pushed to the background a bit more as of late.

Yes, I realize that some Mac people are hipster retards, but plenty of people I know who use Macs are just as, if not more, computer savvy than the average PC user. The generalization that people only buy Macs because they have more money than brains and are only interested in trendy hip stuff is as lame as the assumption that all PC users are uncool anal wet-paper-bag-personality types.

And yes, I realize this all means almost nothing of real importance at all.

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