Thriller A Cappella

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François Macré recorded Thriller using 64 tracks of only his voice! A Babelfish translation from the French description:
Description: Here a resumption of the title “Thriller” which I completely recorded with the voice. I thus imitated each element of the original title (instrumental, vocal, rhythmic elements and sound effects) by using 64 superimposed audio-video tracks (as this clip attests it; -). This recovery is thus a piece of a' cappella multitrack, comprising only the sound of my voice, without addition of any instrument, sampler, limps for deforming rate/rhythm or purposes (only effects used being of Réverb and light Chorus). Moreover, I used the technique of the loop for the parts which are repeated (like the rhythmic one). Finally, on the whole of the piece (which contains thousands of notes distributed on the whole of the tracks), I transposed 8 notes which were impossible for me to sing in the acute ones.

Perhaps that does not have the air, but this musical project proved to be relatively titanic! At all events, I hope that you will take as much pleasure to listen to this piece than I had of it to record it. Thank you, in advance, to encourage me by your comments. Good listening and in Bientôt.

-Thanks, Pablozoide!

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from a producer's standpoint, this is absolutely amazing. that had to take a lot of time. i like that you can tell it took at least a couple days just to record the underlying tracks because of the different shirt colors (christophe-- i don't think he did it on purpose.. but i'm willing to be wrong if he did). the fact that he isn't a terribly good singer almost doesn't register as a flaw of this production because it was done so well. great job, dude! and i would like to see you do some other songs as well.
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This is incredibly creative and well done. I love the tight "synth" and "brass" harmonies. The one track that bugged me whenever it was there, though, was track #50, "muted guitar". It wasn't quite in tune and was of a different quality than the other tracks. Maybe you could try some alternative recordings of it? It would be quick since it is a one measure loop. Just a suggestion... :-)
I would love to hear you do other songs. You remind me of the Swingle Singers. You can hear an excerpt of the James Bond theme at
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