The Ultimate Expeditionary Camper

For a mere $670,000 you can own an Action Mobil Global Cruiser Expedition Vehicle. It has a 781 cubic inch turbodiesel engine, weighs 21 tons, and carries 219 gallons of gas and 154 gallons of water. On the roof are four 240 watt solar panels to power the luxurious interior amenities. I'm sure that Alex and Miss Cellania are already bankrolling Neatorama's vast revenues into purchasing this vehicle in preparation for the coming zombie apocalpyse.

Link via DVICE

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Not from US, hu? Then you may not know what a gallon is... and for that matter neither a mile, ounce, fluid ounce, pound, cup, foot, inch, fathom, etc, etc.

Although I love America, I hate their measuring system : this is way too British for me ;
And for your question, in most European countries, filling up the tank would be around 1000 Euros (1 month base salary? Yikes!)
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Figuring the cost to fill up is actually fairly easy if you are acquainted with the mathematical concept of multiplication.

Cost per fillup = 219 gallons x the fuel price per gallon.

Crazy, no?

How about that No Child Left Behind law?
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Major bummer that it has a diesel engine but "carries 219 gallons of gas". What poor planning on their part for not equipping it with a diesel fuel tank. They aren't going to get far.
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"The Ultimate Expeditionary Camper"

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