Teaching Cha-Cha Lands Man in Jail

Whatever you do - do not, I repeat, do not teach the cha-cha in Plano. You may just land in jail for that:

Instead of dancing with the stars, Eric Rush is dancing behind bars. Teaching the cha-cha sent him to the slammer.

Last week, a Collin County district judge ordered Mr. Rush to serve 30 days in the county jail for contempt of court after violating an order prohibiting him from teaching dance lessons within 25 miles of a Plano dance studio.

The jail sentence is the latest step in a 10-month legal tango featuring a studio that says it's protecting its business and a former instructor who says he can't imagine life away from the dance floor.


(Photo: Jenn Ackerman/Dallas Morning News)

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these non-compete things can be such a drag. Jivamukti Yoga Studio in NYC is such a total pain in the ass with their ex-students, and if you want to go to class anywhere near there, you aren't going to find a studio run by their students, which sucks, because they teach really well. I refuse to to patronize Jivamukti for just that reason, and I know lots of people who do the same.
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So he was taught at and worked for the Academy, and had a non-compete contract with them. He left the Academy and started teaching on his own, which violated the non-compete contract. That makes sense.
But, I didn't realize you could be prosecuted criminally for breaking a contract. I thought he could just be sued civilly. Some DOJ I turned out to be.
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This has nothing whatsoever to do with teaching the cha-cha. The real story just isn't very interesting (don'g sign a non-compete clause in a state where they're enforcable if you don't intend to abide by it), so the various newsies just made up a better one. Business as usual.
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