Single and Liking It!

Shaun Suhoski of Gardner, Massachusetts, is a single dad - and like a growing number of the 92 million single people in the United States - he likes it that way:

With the number of singles approaching nearly half the adult U.S. population, the single lifestyle is accepted more today than ever before, said Beatrice N. Niemi, executive director of the Center for Well Being in Fitchburg.

Ms. Niemi, who is also a relationship counselor, said the culture itself has changed. “It is more accepted in our culture now than it once was. Once upon a time, people found it harder to be happy if they were unmarried.”

With more ways to access people through the Internet, it is easier for single people to meet other people and stay connected, she said. Many people form relationships and bonds through e-mail.

“I think it is fundamentally a need we all have to connect with another human in some way, not just physically,” Ms. Niemi said. [...]

“Someday I would like to have a relationship again,” Mr. Suhoski said. “There are times when I could really use the support, and perhaps even the organizational skills, required for a better home life.”

On the other hand, the single lifestyle allows him to work late during the week and have personal freedom. “It’s a mixture. People always think the grass is greener when it comes to relationships,” he noted.

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That's the whole thing. "Dating must conform to my life". It's as if people have been told all their lives "do this, do that", and they finally figure out they can find their own path.

It doesn't mean you have to give up on relationships, though. That's just opting out. Just like the couple who live in the trailer/shed - you don't have to go to the extreme opposite.

That's just cutting off your nose to spite your face.
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As extreme as that may have sounded, I haven't ruled it out. It's just that dating must conform to my life as it is right now and there isn't much room for it. At present, the stakes are too high to conform my life to accommodate a relationship. Nevertheless, it is my choice to be happy anyway.
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Marriage is for Women's advantage, not the men's. Lord help if they have kids.

In Ringggold Georgia if your wife fools around and gets pregnant by another man, her husband has to pay child support. It is called "Product of the marriage". They also will give a woman BOTH houses and force the dad and son to sleep in a truck because he had an affair.

Now, tell me why this guy should get married? He is the smart one.

It is cheaper to keep them, last one to die wins!
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The dating scene is certainly a minefield, but don't let the challenge discourage you. The more people you meet, the more you will learn to look for the good things and the bad things.

And accept the fact that it's impossible to find someone who is "perfect". In any relationship, you HAVE to put up with a certain amount of bullsh*t. You just have to know where to draw the line, and make that line impassable.

You can certainly date someone and keep them at arm's length until you're comfortable enough to incorporate them into your family life. Any woman worth your time will have the patience and understanding to go through this process.
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