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Advanced style is a photo blog chronicling the way older people dress. Combine a lifetime of experience with a refusal to let anyone tell you how you should look, and you get some delightful images. Link -via the Presurfer

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I have always said that when I am of advanced age, I am going to go to the grocery store in a fur coat and a tiara. I believe that is the period in which you are entitled to be colorful.
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Looks like a Fiat 500 to me. Called a cinque cento.
They were all over in Italy back in the '60s & '70s. It was nothing to cram 8 people into one. Fiat stopped making the 500 in the 70's I believe. If you owned one and it broke down you would NEVER leave it unguarded. It would be stripped clean in the blink of an eye for parts!
Hard to believe that some years latter I was riding a motorcycle with an engine 50% larger than the Fiat 500.
A really neat little car!
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forget the fashion, what's that cute little car? we need more cute little cars in the US. my aveo just doesn't cut it in the looks department (or gas mileage, honestly)
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I like how you can probably catch a glimpse into the elders background and what their personality may be like.

As Ted stated, people from older generations (usually) all dressed a certain way to fit in with the "norm" of the time. There were some, on the blog, who wore mixed-matched catastrophes (maybe they were artistic bohemians in the 50's?) and some who were the very definition of the word 'opulent' (maybe a New York socialite who always had a martini in hand?).
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