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I don't know about you, but whenever there is some sort of financial crisis I've always been fascinated by those news photos of brokers with hands on their faces. Who are these people? Why are they in such distress? How much money did they lose? Why do periodicals always insist on using this exact same image to indicate economic turmoil?

Well, as with almost any marginal and vestigial interest, the internet has now produced a tumblr blog featuring exclusively these photos. No commentary, no explanation, just brokers with hands on their faces. The blog is only a couple days old, but already there are dozens of photos there for the broker-with-hands-on-their-faces starved part of your psyche. All hail the internet!

Link - via Reddit

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It'll suffer by still being entertaining to a bunch of people and also losing no money because it takes about 2 mins per day out of someone's life. Oh, the sticks in asses!
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That's getting WAYYY to specific for blogs. What will happen when (if) the budget crisis is resolved? (I'll give you a second to stop laughing.....)

Then this oddly specific and unfunny blog will suffer! Oh, the inanity! *sobs*
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I think it was that posted a link recently to a blog called "sad guys on trading floors".

Since the blog you found is only a few days old, I'm gonna make the leap and say that the author just reworked the one that's been going around the blogosphere already.
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