The Airline Diet

It started as what is probably the most embarrassing moment of their lives, but something good came out of it. When a flight attendant approached Jan Coupe and her husband, she thought that the stewardess was going to check on their seatbelt. Instead, she told them that they were too heavy for the plane to take off!

That spurred the couple to go on a diet - between them, they have since lost 172 lb (78 kg):

Following the plane ordeal, and also to help with her MS, Mrs Coupe joined a Slimming World club. She persuaded her husband to attend and in the first week Mrs Coupe lost 8lb and Mr Coupe lost 9lb.

Instead of takeaways at night, the couple had pasta, vegetable curries or steak salads.

Now Mrs Coupe has lost 6st 5lb and her 54-year-old husband 5st 13lb. Mrs Coupe, who has also dropped six dress sizes to a 14, said: 'I don't feel embarrassed about getting on a plane anymore - we all feel so great we could fly around the world now without a hitch.'


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Good grief... if 172 pounds of *passengers* makes the difference between a plane safely taking off, I wouldn't want to fly on that plane anyhow.

But good for them for losing weight.
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@ James Schend

Has a British person ever tried to make fun of you for not using the metric system? We'd be on pretty thin ice as we still measure distance in miles too.

Personally, I still use feet and inches most of the time too but that's mainly down to a (somewhat wasted) childhood playing Warhammer 40k. :)
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I think it's a pretty terrible idea to encourage public shaming of people as a means of weight loss. There's nothing "neat" about this story. I also read somewhere that human cargo only accounts for a tiny percentage of an aircraft's weight...for example, if there were more children or models on the plane, it would account for their extra pounds.
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it's crazy how much peoples' faces change when they lose significant amounts of weight.. they almost look like entirely different people. i like to watch the 'biggest loser' sometimes JUST to see how much the people change, and it is absolutely amazing.

good for them for taking a hint and doing something that only benefits their lives.
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