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Fat Man Defies the Laws of Physics
UNBELIEVABLE! Millenia of the laws of physics tossed out the window as this fat man accomplished what should be impossible ...


Racer Can't Defy the Call of Nature
The laws of physics may be broken, but not the call of nature. See what Valentino Rossi had to do during a motorcycle race ...


Awesome Save by ... Wait a Minute! Who??
In the 2001 Dutch Cup, soccer team De Treffers was playing Nijmegen Eendracht Combinatie when something very unusual happened:

An assistant (not a player) for De Treffers named Jan Maas decided to um, play a little defense and prevented a goal against his team.

His expression (what? what did I do?) later on was priceless! Link

The Woman Whisperer
Picture this: a man was enjoying his beer in a bar when his lady came up to him and said that it was time to go home.

What would happen if the man tried to stay a little while longer ... and what happened when a mysterious "woman whisperer" walked in the door?

A pretty funny beer ad from Australia: Link

Zombie Snake Head - It's Still Alive!
Do you think that just because you've decapitated a snake that it's dead?

Check out this video clip. If you dare: Link

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Brrrr. Another reason to hate snakes! Although, this does raise a question on whether or not the Snake was still biting out of instinct/automatically or was it biting consciously?
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That zombie snake head is weird, guess that's why they tell you to be careful with a decapitated snake head especially a poisonous one as it can continue to bite (they advise to bury it).

But I sure hope they didn't decapitate the snake solely for the sake of putting it on video and the internet, isn't that cruelty?
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