The Wall Street Trader Who Became a Monk

What should people who lost their cushy jobs on Wall Street do? According to this one guy who's been through it before, the answer is pretty simple: become a monk!

Hristo Mishkov had a successful career as a broker on the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York until he decided to give it all up to return to his native Bulgaria. His radical change of circumstances may start to look appealing to the tens of thousands of finance sector employees who face the bleak prospect of losing their jobs.

Exchanging tailored suits and expensive shoes for a cassock and sandals, Brother Nikanor, as he is now known, believes Wall Street and the City deserve all they get as the credit crunch bites deeper and the global financial system goes into meltdown. [...]

His colleagues were stunned when he decided to become a monk, but he had made up his mind to seek spiritual well-being rather than material wealth.

"Everybody can be a good broker but this does not bring much benefit for the world," he said.

"We always search for happiness in the outside world, in material things, which makes us constantly unsatisfied, angry with ourselves and the world."


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Good on him, people SHOULD do more to keep sight of what's truly -important- to them (heh, personally -I- left the corporate world for grad school; I bet I could give him a run for his money, austere poverty-wise =)
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is there such thing as a non-religious monestary/convent/etc? i would LOVE to give up my material wealth and devote the rest of my life to serving the public good, but without the god angle . . .
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