The Walled City of Kowloon and Other Abandoned Cities and Places in Asia

Web Urbanist blog has a really neat post about 7 abandoned cities and places in Asia. This photo above is of the lawless Walled City of Kowloon in Hong Kong:

In the rogue ungoverned Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong things were so tightly packed that trash blocked off parts of buildings and many occupied apartments literally never saw the light of day.

Like something straight from a William Gibson novel, there were no police or building codes - there was no law. For nearly 50 years this slice of Hong Kong was allowed to exist and grow independently due to a legal technicality.

After the Japanese left following the second World War squatters swarmed to fill the space, with the population at 10,000 people (living on seven acres) by the early 1970s - a combination of dissidents, outlaws and both organized and disorganized criminals. Professionals who couldn’t get a license set up shop, criminals hiding from the law thrived, and the self-organized community grew to 35,000.

Then in 1993 everything changed - no one wants to deal with this lawless place anymore and it is promptly destroyed and turned into a park.

Link - Thanks Kurt!

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You can visit Kowloon in Second Life. The city was created by a Japanese Manga artist (Forgot his name!?) Anyway, it's very well made and you better learn to fly or you'll never get out of there! ;)
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Neat article that.

Though I do find it strange that they include a wee shopping mall and a theme park yet fail to list the Daddy of all ghost towns Chernobyl.
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