Massachusetts Will Vote on Abolishing the State Income Tax

Whaa? Did I read this right? The citizens of "Taxachusetts" have finally risen against the tyranny of high taxes: there's a ballot measure to get rid of the state's income tax.

Question 1 would cut the tax by half the first year and eliminate it the next year, and Ms. Howell said the state could compensate by cutting lucrative employee pensions, paring bureaucracies and spending wisely.

“We don’t have to cut any essential services or any government programs that are providing a benefit to the people of Massachusetts,” Ms. Howell said. “All we have to do is cut government waste.”

Some voters who wanted taxes lowered to 5 percent have decided to support Question 1 to show their anger at the state, said Barbara Anderson, director of Citizens for Limited Taxation, which advocated 5 percent but is now producing bumper stickers that read “Hell Yes! Question 1.”

Massachusetts does have some experience against that sort of thing - the last time they rallied against taxation, America ended up being an independent country: Link - via Blue's News

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I absolutely support this. Peabody just announced they are putting up for vote having the police department honor 9-11 by paying officers who work on it overtime. Meanwhile Deval just announced a rather large deficit and is putting forth legislation to proceed with budget cuts. I'm all for honoring 9-11 but was now really an appropriate time for this? I hope they are egging for any town help fiscally. This just underlines the poor judgment and mismanagement of our income. Yes, property taxes may become higher, but you will actually be taxed on what you have, not on what you make which ironically may benefit you more than you think. Especially when you aren't double taxed on your income as well as what you purchase with. New hamshire gets by alright, I think if nothing else its a good wake up call. It doesn't mean we can't go back to having income tax after Massachusetts has proven it can spend appropriately and effectively. -My 2 cents
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We need to vote NO on question 1. Like someone said earlier, cutting the budget significantly will not just cut "waste". Tons of jobs will be lost that will affect you -- emergency services, road and bridge maintenance, snow removal, teachers, schools and universities. Tuition would go up, and quality of education would go down. This income tax law doesn't specify what will get cut, so the "men in charge" won't cut their own salaries (which is the waste) and will instead cut government jobs (yay, more unemployment!). Other states do not have income tax, but that is because they've had years to budget and raise other taxes accordingly. Please do not succumb to the same greed and selfishness you see elsewhere.. vote NO on question 1.
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haha, ok Jimbo. Very good point there but I'm afraid I'll have to disagree.

What do you hate? Liberals? Gays? Winter?

And yeah, historically, AMERICA did come out of Massachusetts. You know, freedom and stuff.
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