Slime Molds

Slime and mold are two words guaranteed to send a shiver down many a spine. However, plasmodial slime molds, fungus - like organisms with about eight hundred and fifty species worldwide - possess a strange beauty that you might not expect. Come and take a look at a few, thanks to some exquisite macro photography. You may never look at slime mold in the same light again.

Shown is a mold named Hemitrichia calyculata. Link -Thanks, RJ Evans!

(image credit: myriorama)

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Slime molds are fascinating: one particular slime mold, Dictyostylium, has a very unusual life cycle where it exists as a unicellular organism and as a multicellular organism when food runs out. Then they "move" to a different location!
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Hemitrichia calyculata - the first (genus) name should be capitalized, and the second (species) name should not be capitalized. Also, latin names are usually presented in italics.
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ugh these things freak me out bad. I had to turn away during those scenes in Planet Earth where they show the slime molds and mushrooms growing in time lapse.
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"Slime Molds"

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