Woman Hauled to Court for Failing to Pay Child Support Bill of 63 Cents

Kathleen Threatt was hauled to court for failing to pay child support 12 years past its due date ... it was for 63 cents!

Threatt called the court thinking it was a misunderstanding, because not only are her children no longer children, but she's also a grandmother by both of them.

She even remembers receiving a letter at the conclusion of her child support duties saying she had paid in full. Somehow, some small change slipped through the cracks and resurfaced nearly 12 years past its due date.

"My problem is the waste of resources," she said. "This is crazy."

"It's a waste, but that's part of what we do, unfortunately," said Sumter County Clerk of Court Jamie Campbell. "We don't have the authority to wipe it away."

Link - via On Deadline

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It looks like it was automatically generated. I would assume as soon as she called they would realize not only is the amount ridiculously small but 12 years would be past any type of statute of limitations for debts. Much like the story of my aunt getting a phone bill for 2cents, when systems are run almost exclusively by computers there is no concept of common sense.
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@neotko You must live somewhere that don't have laws. A judges ruling (ORDERS) require them to be followed through. Not kinda or sorta or even close enough. The followed the terms of the settlement to the penny.

I understand it is silly to the uneducated like neotko, but without laws you have chaos.

If the stop sign says STOP, it doesn't mean part of the time.
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