Man Sit in Jail, Forgotten for Two Years

I have no sympathy for drug dealers, but still - this is a strange story. Joseph A. Shepard, 53, is in jail for drug-related charges.

His attorney told him that his case is making its way in federal court so he should sit tight and wait. So wait, he did - for two years in jail ... meanwhile, his lawyer, the prosecutor, and everybody forgot all about him:

Shepard, 53, is a man the system forgot, apparently ignored by his own attorney — and the prosecutor and judge — as days ticked by in a municipal lockup where he was confined to a cell 23 hours a day.

Shepard was surprised when a reporter broke the news at the Jennings jail Wednesday night that his case had been forgotten. It was more than a month after prosecutors took steps to move the case forward, though he still had not been told about it by his lawyer.

"Good. That's what I've been hoping for — something like that," he said. "I kind of figured that, after two years of nothing happening." - via Look At This

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Wow...although this may be an unusual situation in most places it really does sound a lot like the town I live in. It happens and it happens a lot here. What happened to your right to a speedy trial???
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I hate meth more than any drug. Regardless, there's no excuse for this. Not in my America. In the words of William Gladstone, "Justice delayed is justice denied."
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This is a horror story. Justice is Justice - it does not matter WHAT the allegations are!

In New York, there was a case about an immigrant arrested and forgotten in jail for 6 months over a violation
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What happened to his right to a speedy trial? I have no problems with drug dealers so long as they've not harmed anyone. His rights have been violated, he should be released and probably compensated for the clear violation of his rights. 2 years? Egad, have we become a third world country? This sort of bs happens places like the Dominican Republic... not the USA.
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I'm with the cops on this one.

People should be able to do drugs if they wish,it's only a crime because it's been designated so.

If it hadn't been for prohibition the US would not have had such problems with organised crime. Make a thing illegal it doesn't go away and it becomes the preserve of criminals.

Irrespective of all that,this incareceration may have been illegal,but the grammar of the headline is a true crime.
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